Handmade furnitures for dolls

If your dolls are so realistic, then furnitures for them should be also realistic.
Our hand made doll furnitures will satisfy your dolls.

How to make our doll chair

Cut out each parts from real wood

Joint parts are used such as real furniture

Assemble each parts

Aseembly has done

Painting is done three times


Doll furniture items

W:width, D:depth, H:height, SH: seat height, AH:arm height

Due to the increase in material costs, the prices of doll furniture will increase from April 1st.

A doll chair (OREO-DC01)

W:17cm, D:19cm, H:34cm, SH:15cm
12,300 yen (include tax)

A doll chair with arm(OREO-DCA01)

W:18cm, D:19cm, H:34cm, SH:15cm, AH:20.5cm
17,300 yen (include tax)

A doll chair with arm Large (OREO-LDCA01)

W:21cm, D:22.5cm, H:38cm, SH:18.5cm, AH:25.5cm
27,500 yen (include tax)

A doll table (OREO-DT01)

Φ:22.5cm, H:24.5cm
11,000 yen (incllude tax)

A doll table Large (OREO-LDT01)

Φ:24cm, H:27cm
16,000 yen (incllude tax)

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