Don’t you have any difficulty to buy furnitures in Japan?
We provide not only ready-made furniture but also made to order one.
Please visit us in Iwatsuki-ku Saitama-city.

Made to order

Made to order is a one of solution of getting desired furniture.
However, it maybe difficult for you to communicate in Japanese language.
We can talk about your desire for furniture in English.
Why don’t you make your own furniture with us.

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Repair / Reform

your furniture

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Info / Blog

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Shop Infomation

If you want to try real goods,
please ask us the stocks before you come.

Let me know your shop holidays.
Thursdays and tempolary summer/winter holidays.
About tempolary holidays, we’ll show you in this webpage.
Can I use a credit card for your payment?
Yes, you can use a credit card. And you can use PAYPAY QR code payment.
It is hard for me to visit your shop. Do you have your shopping sight online?
We have our shopping sight online. Click links below.
“Kamizen in Yahoo shopping”

“Kamizen online shop”
Do you have more goods at your shop?
Not only you can see on this webpage, but also we have lots more goods. Please ask us.
I found a product on your shopping sight. Can I see the real one at your shop?
Some products on our shopping sight may not be at our shop. Please ask before you come.
I want to ask something in English. Is it o.k. to call you?
We have a staff who speaks English but not the all staffs. So give us your message by e-mail.
Also, please reserve a meeting before you come to our shop, if you want to communicate in English.
Please feel free to ask about our goods or services.